When you consider moving your systems to the cloud, you want a partner with experience. Reduce risk, reduce end user disruption, eliminate downtime and help your organization get the most out of cloud services.

About collaborate tech

In 2011 we began migrating organizations to the cloud. We believed the cloud had come of age. Technology, communication resources and services hit a tipping point and it became feasible to move most or all of your information technology infrastructure into the cloud.
Our approach is to partner with Microsoft which offers best in class and tightly integrated cloud services. Microsoft cloud services are the best value in computing today. If you have 10 users or thousands, the Office 365 suites offer unmatched value and functionality, and are easy to deploy

IT only really works if it aligns with the unique needs and processes of your business, so we understand that IT is about your organization’s future, about really creating a roadmap for your business with a long term strategy to ensure profit from change. We approach project development and deployment from every angle, and our Managed IT Services are customized to fit the unique needs of a business. Our expert project teams combine business and technical expertise, leveraging these skills to deliver remarkable service.

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You can download or view some of our projects for free on the our github page.

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